Helpful ProLon 5-day Fast Guides

Needing a little bit of guidance during and after your 5-Day fast? We've got you.

Here are some handy downloadable PDFs that will help! The instruction pamphlet you receive in your Prolon FMD box will answer most of questions about when, what and how to prepare and eat the soups, L-Drinks, teas and other things you'll be having over the fast.

The Daily Checklist gives you some other little tricks to stay motivated, accountable and healthy - in mind, not just body! – during the 5 days on Prolon, like meditating daily, drinking enough water and sleep. This is a great checklist for everyday life too, we think!

And the transition day meal plan is full of recipe suggestions for your 'Day 6' breakfast lunch and dinner, as well as a longevity shopping list to make sure your pantry is always stocked with the ingredients that will support your newly cleansed, rejuvenated body between fasts!

Remember that our customer service team is also available to answer any questions you might have, and you can also join our growing family of Fasters through our private Facebook group here.

Here's the PDFs:


Daily checklist for 5-day program

Transition day meal plan